Sheba Adult Tuna and Salmon Wet Cat Food 70g





  • Sheba Wet Food
  • Tuna and Salmon Flavor
  • Adult Cat of All Breeds
  • It is recommended to feed with other complete and balanced food to meet your cat’s nutritional needs
  • Supply fresh water at all times
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added. Pet Food Only
  • Delicate fine flakes carefully coated in a delicious gravy. This recipe is a masterclass of precision made with only the finest flaked pieces, meaning a delicate texture can be enjoyed in every bite.
  • Sheba is complete and balanced food which can be fed as a main meal. The portion can be adjusted according to cat’s daily activities and should be divided into at least 3 meals per day. If cat does not receive amount food as recommended, cat will not get enough nutrients.


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