SmartHeart Refine Adult Tuna with Bonito in Jelly Wet Cat Food 70g





  • SmartHeart Wet Food
  • For Adult Cats of All Breeds
  • An easy-to-open pouch specially formulated with the finest quality¬†Tuna
  • It is rich of flavor and nutrition that your cat craves for. The recipe energizes your cat to be ready for the day with no artificial color and no preservatives added
  • SmartHeart REFINE begins with reliability. It is an exquisite menu of gourmet cat food manufactured to exceptional quality and international safety standards
  • The production of SmartHeart REFINE focuses on the finest details of nutrition and taste as its upmost priority
  • Every procedure ensures raw ingredients are sourced from human food grade of selected premium white meat tuna and their freshness is assured
  • Each delicacy is prepared in refined intricate texture and structure to please the pride and fuss only felines understand
  • SmartHeart REFINE is an extraordinary array of selected premium white meat tuna prepared in delicacy gourmet recipes of high nutrition and quality to reward every cat with loving affection. It is absolute Fine Dining for even the most demanding cat


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